We would be glad to read the Bible with you in a one-on-one setting.  That way, you can learn the Bible at a speed and level that are suitable to you.

You can tell us some times you are available on the registration form.  Many of our teachers are volunteers, so we will do our best to find a teacher that can meet you when you are available.


A free class for international students, scholars and their family members who have a basic understanding of English and who are looking for an opportunity to practice and improve.

Your teachers are:  Geri Briggs, Sarah Menefee, Betsy Ayers and Mary Hargitt.

We concentrate on the areas of:

  1. Vocabulary
  2. Idioms
  3. Listening skills
  4. Pronunciation
  5. Conversation and Expression

In addition, each lesson includes a presentation about things of local interest or American culture.  Two or three times a semester we offer a special activity.  In the past we have visited a farm, made a Christmas decoration, made a recipe together, toured a local bread store, watched a glass-blowing demonstration, and had a special speaker explain the technique of American quilt making.

English Corner at Crosswalk is a place where you will find…other people just like you…people who are living in a new country, speaking a new language, experiencing new things.

English Corner at Crosswalk is a place where you will find… a warm, friendly and patient atmosphere in which to work on your English skills.

English Conversation Club is a place where you will find…friends.

Here are some comments from former students:

 "Joining this class is very interesting and helpful.  It helps us meeting more international friends, knowing real Americans' culture and to improve our English skills."

                     ---- A student from Taiwan

"…they don't only provide a fun and interesting class to improve our English level, but also a warm family for students who are far away from their hometown…" 
                      ---- A student from China

If you would like to know more about the Tuesday Afternoon English Corner at Crosswalk, be sure to e-mail Geri at

This course is every Tuesday, 1:00-4:00pm at Crosswalk Commons on campus.  Fill out the form below to register.


This course uses the Bible text to teach vocabulary, listening comprehension, and pronunciation.  Lee Hargitt, Joel Kauffman, and Dana Gottfried will be your teachers for this class.  This class happens every Thursday, 1-3pm, on the ground floor of Crosswalk Commons on campus.  Fill out the form below to register.