"Where is West Liberty?" you ask.  West Liberty is a small rural town in the center of northwest Ohio.  Families from a church there will host us.  On Saturday you can either 1) tour a farm and go horseback riding at a horseback riding farm, or 2) go to the U.S. Air Force Museum about 1 hour south of West Liberty.  You can choose which activity you want to join. Later in the afternoon we'll visit a local candy store that makes their own candy.

A great part of the trip is getting to know your host family.  We will stay in their homes and go to church with them on Sunday.  

When:  We will depart from the Crosswalk Commons on Friday, June 22, at 4:00pm and we will return on Sunday evening around 6pm.  On Friday, we won't stop for dinner on the way there, so please eat before we go, or bring something that you can eat in the vehicle.

Cost:  $60/person (adults and children), which includes everything.  Please pay in cash or check or electronic bank transfer to Dana Gottfried. Arranging host families for this trip is important, so we want you to stay committed to the trip after your payment.  So the $60 payment is non-refundable, except for special circumstances.  You may want to bring extra money to buy souvenirs at scenic spots.  

What to Bring:  Bring a change of clothes for two days, your camera, your toothbrush, and other personal hygiene items.  You might also want to bring a small gift for your host (not required).

Restrictions:  Children 9 years old and older are welcome.  Participants must be able to speak English so that they can communicate with their host family.

Space is limited, so register and pay early.  Registration is final when payment is made to Dana.

Sorry that the trip is now full.  If you would like to be on the waiting list, please contact Dana by e-mail:  dgottfried@slcfworld.com.