About Us

SLCF International is a student organization on the campus of Purdue University that provides many ways to make friends, attend cultural activities, experience cultural travel, and learn about life in America!

We've been active on campus for over 30 years and all of our staff have lived or traveled internationally and can help you get the most out of your cross-cultural living experience at Purdue.  We also have activities where you can learn about the Bible, Christianity, and its meaning in the world today.  We invite you to check out our classes, activities and programs and make some new friends today.

We are a service of Kossuth Street Baptist Church.


Free course -- English Corner at Crosswalk

A free class for international students, scholars and their family members who have a basic understanding of English and who are looking for an opportunity to practice and improve.

What will you do at church? First, we'll study the Bible together in small groups, and our international group is doing an overview of the Bible. This overview is an eight month class that goes...

We would be glad to study the Bible with you in a one-on-one setting. That way, you can learn the Bible at a speed and level that are suitable to you. We will attempt to work with you and your...

Thanks to our generous friends who have donated used bikes, we can offer a limited number of international students and scholars a bike to use during their time at Purdue.

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We offer courses in English and Bible study

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Look here for a description of upcoming events and trips.

Two Ways to Live

Here is an excellent summary of the main point of the...

Car Buying Help

We know that buying a car can be difficult. Based on our...