The SLCF Bike Loan Program has provided free bikes loans to hundreds of international students and scholars at Purdue over the past several years. 

Thanks to our generous friends who have donated used bikes, we can offer a limited number of students a bike to use during their time at Purdue.

What do I need to do?

  • Be a new international student or scholar
  • Sign up below to make an appointment to come to our place: Crosswalk Commons
  • Sign a Bike Loan agreement and Liability Waiver
  • Make a $50 - $100 deposit (refundable if the bike is returned in good condition)
  • Have a bike lock -- we have bike locks available for $10
  • Ride the bike safely!

Our bikes are loaned out based on availability.  Our supply of bikes is limited and vary in style and age.  They may show some signs of wear and aging, but will be functional.

Optional items available

Helmets: $15    /     Bike Lights:  $10     /     Air Pumps:  $10

We accept cash, checks, Paypal, PFCU - Popmoney, and credit cards.

Because of high demand at this time of the year (August - September) we have a long list of people who already signed up for bike loans.  However, we do not have enough bikes to meet all these needs.  So we are temporarily closing our registration. 


Keep in mind that


  • * If you signed up already, we are working through our list and may yet contact you to make an appointment for you to come and look at our bikes.  When our bikes are all out, if you did not get a bike by then we will send an e-mail explaining this to you.
  • * People are returning bikes or donating bikes all the time.  So we will re-open registration sometime later (end of September?) when we get more bikes.


If you are using one of our bikes (Bike Loan Program), we are glad to help you with any mechanical problems you may experience.  

We do not charge for labor to repair our bikes.  But we do charge a minimal price for parts.

Please make an appointment with us to have your bike repaired.  E-mail us at








If you are finished using your bike, please return it to us so that another student can use it.  You will receive your full deposit back if the bike is in the the same condition as when you got it from us (some light wear and tear is acceptable).  If your bike has mechanical problems, we will deduct an appropriate amount from your deposit.

Please make an appointment with us to return your bike.  E-mail us at