Update on Feb. 6:  Sorry, this party is full!  You are still welcome to come to our Lantern Festival party on Friday, Feb. 22, 6:00-9:30pm.  You can sign up for a seat at our Lantern Festival party here.

Chinese New Year is coming!  We want to have a small party and "work-session" on Saturday, February 16.  We'll make dumplings for our February 22 Lantern Festival party.  Besides this, we'll enjoy some dumplings ourselves as we eat dinner together. 

We'll do this at Crosswalk Commons, and we'll start at 3pm.  We plan to make 600 dumplings that we will freeze, and an additional amount (another 600?) that we will eat that night for dinner.

If you can bring your large knife and chopping board, that may help us be more productive!

You are welcome to join us and help make dumplings.  Please sign up below so we know you would like to come.  Thank you!